Praise for Zone to Win:

Whether you are looking to catch the next wave or keep it from catching you, you must read this book!

  • Dominic Orr, CEO Aruba Networks

Once again Geoffrey Moore weighs in with a prescient examination of what it takes to win in today’s competitive, disruptive business environment. Zone to Win is a valuable playbook for prioritizing and allocating resources with the aim of exceptionally high growth.

  • Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

“Zone to Win uses crystal clear language to describe the management plays necessary to win in an ever-disrupting marketplace. Regardless of your level of management experience, you will find this book an invaluable tool for building long term success for your business.”

  • Lip-Bu Tan, President and CEO Cadence Design Systems

“I consider Geoffrey a friend, colleague but most of all, someone to challenge my thinking. His name is synonymous with innovation, and with Zone to Win he has done it again: inspiring us to rethink the fundamental relationship between technology disruption, business strategy and how to look across a portfolio and come to sound execution plans. This is a must-read for leaders everywhere who are continually challenged to turn unpredictable change into business opportunity.”

  • Pat Gelsinger, CEO VMware

“Zone to Win helped my team and I frame the transition from an early start-up to a real player in the global landscape. Geoffrey places your urgent priorities into a clear context that helps you make the right tradeoffs at the right time!”

  • Rob Tarkoff, CEO Lithium

“Zones create a fresh way of looking at companies with large portfolios. They provide a practical way to measure different business lines based on different yet equally important criteria. In the end they help keep the focus on innovation which is the ultimate goal.”

  • Michael DeCesare, CEO Forescout

"With this book, Geoffrey Moore continues to lead us all through ever changing times. He not only inspires, he creates a new sense of possibility by providing the frameworks, tools, and lingua-franca we need to organize and manage our products and our company. His work has changed the game of changing the game! “

  • Gary Kovacs, CEO AVG

"Zone to Win is a must read for any technology CEO who is balancing where to play offense or defense"

  • Steve Smith, CEO Equinix